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The average cost for renting a bedroom in a shared apartment is about 220 € per month (including utilities and condo maintenance fees).

The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio provides support for rental housing search. For information, visit the LAZIODISU’s website or contact

Mr. Giuseppe Beneduci
LAZIODISU - Agenzia degli Affitti
Via Garigliano 86/A - 03043 Cassino
E-mail: giuseppe.beneduci@laziodisu.it
Phone: (+39) 0776 3258236


The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio provides a canteen service; meal plans are available, ranging from about 2 € to about 8 € per meal, depending on the student family income. There are two canteens, located at the LAZIODISU building (Via Garigliano n. 86) and at the Folcara Campus. For additional information, refer to LAZIOADISU’s webpage.

There are plenty of restaurants, cafeterias, pizzerias, and bars located near the School of Engineering with different price ranges.


The municipality of Cassino provides bike sharing and bus transport services. For information on timetables and costs, refer to the website of the municipality of Cassino.

Cotral SpA provides a suburban bus service for the Lazio region. For information on timetables and costs, refer to the webpage of Cotral SpA.

Cassino is connected to Rome and Naples via a railway line. For information on timetables and costs, refer to the website of TRENITALIA.


The University Sport Center (Centro Universitario Sportivo, CUS) offers the possibility of practicing a variety of sports and recreational activities. The main facilities are the Unifitness Center (located at the Folcara Campus, Cassino, FR-03043), the running track “Pietro Mennea” (located in via Appia Nuova, Cassino, FR-03042), and the “Osvaldo Soriano” Sport Center (located in via della Cartiera, Atina, FR-04043).


The University of Cassino and Southern Lazio is member of the education roaming (eduroam) confederation, which provides secure WiFi access to students, researchers, and staff members from participating institutions. To access the service, refer to this link.


The University Library System (Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo, SBA) coordinates and manages the libraries of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio. The SBA portal allows users to easily access a wide range of printed and digital resources. The SBA is organized in three main academic areas: law and economics, engineering, and arts and philosophy. Each area has its own library with specialized facilities.