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Student Community

Wednesday, April, 08, 2015
Student Community

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All students have access to the Student Web Community of the University of Cassino. To sign up students are required to user the  user name and password  that they received when they first enrolled. To access the Student Community, please click here or go to the menu at the top of this page. Our Community is a social network for students where they can share information, thoughts and anything regarding  their studies. Along with the Student Web Community there is a Faculty Web Community. Both communities are part of an academic social network project promoted by the University of Cassino. Below, are the services offered by the Student Community:

U-Forum. It is a web service for forum discussions related to academic and learning activities.

U-Chat. It is a chat service now available only in word format but soon will be available also in audio and video formats.

U-sms. This is an innovative service. Every student can send a text message with his/her cellular phone. The message will appear on the web page and video devices available at all facilities through the Info.TV system.

U-post. This service allows students to post brief comments or announcements on the community's web page.

Wireless service is available at all of the university's facilities and buildings.