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Student Associations

Thursday, September, 01, 2011
Student Associations

CUS - University Sport Center

The university sport centre offers students the possibility of practising a variety of sports and recreational activities such as baseball, tennis, table tennis, soccer, swimming etc. Besides participating in the National University Championship, CUS organizes championships with other universities.
Address: Via Spaventa, 5 03043 CASSINO (FR) Tel.:+ 39 0776 311 142

CUT – University Acting Center
The university acting center, founded in 1993, organizes every year acting courses for Italian and international students. For more information, please visit the web site.

University Choir
The University choir was established in 2003 and since then it has performed for the most important events connected to the institutional life of the university. It collaborates with other university choirs in Italy and has a rich repertoire that moves from classical to folk music.