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Foreign Students Enrollment

Monday, April, 13, 2015
Foreign Students Enrollment

To enrol in a first-cycle degree program program, students must hold a high-school degree from an Italian institution or an equivalent qualification from abroad. An adequate general preparation related to the chosen degree program is also required. Perspective students are all required to take a entry test. For each Degree program a specific value may be assigned to the entry test. Degree programs belonging to the Engineering area and to some fields of the Humanistic disciplines offer tests that aim to measure the preparation of the students while allocating educational debts to those who receive a low score. Students with low scores will have to reset their educational debts by taking some specific classes during the academic year. The Degree programs in Economics and Law offer entry tests that are compulsory but not binding. Students are admitted regardless the score that they obtain on the test. The Degree Program in Sport Sciences, on the other hand, has limited enrolment. This means that the entry test is not only compulsory but is also selective. Only students who receive a high score will be admitted to the degree program.

Registration and enrolment information can be found on the University's website, in the registration section (LINK) or at our registry offices and offices of student records. From July to September a helpdesk run by students will provide students with suggestions, tips and pieces of advice on registration and enrolment procedures.

It is very important for future students to understand how our degree programs are organized. It is also important to remember some key deadlines:

  1. pre-registration period (July)
  2. entry tests (September)
  3. beginning of classes or pre-classes.

Students who wish to enrol are required to follow the registration procedure on the university portal in order to access the on-line services. If you have already registered on the university portal for the entry test or the admission test, please use your username and password to access and complete the on-line enrolment procedure.

In order to enrol students are required to fill out the on-line enrolment form which then must be printed and delivered to the Registry Office along with the required documentation.

All details about enrolment procedures, documentation and deadlines are available here


Student Guide

The student guide on our degree programs is available here (pdf format)

Further information on class schedules and class catalogue can be found here.

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